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Trisha also mentions a local Dearborn man namely Ash who claims that the Necronomicon can raise the dead and interdimensionally travel through timebut Eldridge dismisses it as the sad, depraved evil dead fist full of boom stick of a lunatic, while also claiming that it is easy to get caught up in the book's mythology. In order to get into the fort, Ash manages to convince both the Unionists and the Confederates to call a cease-fire and help him defeat the Deadites; the captain of the Unionists is the great-great-great-grandson of Williams the Blacksmith, who is in possession of a Gatling evil dead fist full of boom stick that the blacksmith made from the piece of scrap iron that Ash gave him. They decide to use the Kandarian Summoning Stone against Khan and execute Ash, but before they can do so, the Evil Force returns and possesses the man who Ash has been relating his tale to, as well as some nearby samurai. He opens up all of the basement doors although one is malfunctioning and automatically closes whenever Ash comes near itand he stays there to continue with the broken door.

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Evil dead fist full of boom stick
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Afterwards, he encounters more humanoid Deadites and acquires a card key from a dead security guard, which he uses to escape the basement, and two antique Greek vases. He finds a divining device hidden behind a portrait of Nathaniel Payne, uses it to find four magical gems, and uses these to gain access to Payne's chamber. He acquires the card key to the station, as well as a spell book, along with a spell that temporarily grants him the strength of ten menwhich he uses to kick down KLA2's gates.

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He upgrades Ash's shotgun, allowing it to fire eight consecutive rounds before needing to reload, and also converts the gas pump into a flamethrower using some of his own moonshine. The Deadites are released into the world once more, and the Evil Force floats through town, right into the bar, and possesses the bartender who is promptly shot down by Ash who strangely has his boomstick with him. A Fistful of Boomstick Review".

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